How to Increase Visits to Your Firm’s Website with Backlinks

by Jan 4, 2022Website Marketing

If you’re trying to drive more traffic to your website (and who isn’t!) one of the most impactful things you can do is to regularly produce and post articles and other content demonstrating your subject matter expertise.

The truth is, we don’t always have time to write a thoughtful article (guilty here).

So another tactic that’s easier, faster and a good complement to article writing is to leave comments on other websites—specifically, on industry blogs.

How to Leave Comments on Industry Blogs—The Step by Step

  • Find relevant industry blogs where your ideal clients, potential investors, and/or strategic partners go for information.
  • Choose a topically relevant recent article where you feel you can add value.
  • Write a brief comment or pose a question that shows your expertise (but don’t blatantly promote your business or your comment might get flagged as spam).
  • Use your full name in the name field (and don’t try to SEO optimize here because it could also get your comment flagged).
  • Use a real email address in the email field and make sure that email is connected to a Gravatar.
  • Use your full URL (including the https://) so your name links back to your website. For firms that have individual bio webpages, you can link directly to yours or another relevant webpage instead of the homepage (if it makes sense).

Benefits of Leaving Comments on Industry Blogs

  • It’s easier and faster than producing your own content.
  • It opens up opportunities to engage with other thought leaders in your industry who you may not have had the chance to engage with otherwise.
  • It can help drive new traffic to your website.
  • It can help increase brand awareness.

Sources: Neil Patel’s ‘8 Blog Commenting Mistakes You Need to Avoid at All Costs‘; Leanne Wong’s ‘Blog Comments and SEO: Backlink Benefits & What to Avoid (2022)


If you want to attract more quality traffic to your website, you have to make the time and effort to regularly produce quality content for your website. Because nothing is better for your SEO.

This means blocking time off on your busy schedule to produce informational articles, engaging videos or whatever your ideal clients want to interact with most when it comes to businesses like yours.

Another tactic that can help drive traffic to your website is to leave comments on blogs that align with your business niche. While it’s not as effective as publishing content on your own website, it’s easier and quicker, and can fill in the gaps when you’re super busy.

If you’d like to discuss basic SEO for your business website, let me know!