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Japanese Daruma doll
Japanese Daruma dolls

A Japanese Daruma doll in wood with drawers, by Shigeru Akizuki

Daruma no Ireko
Daruma no Ireko

Variations on boxes within boxes, by Shigeru Akizuki

Wood samples container

Wooden container for wood samples, by Shigeru Akizuki

Folding box with traditional Daruma dolls

Folding box with traditional Daruma dolls inside, in three stages, by Shigeru Akizuki

Omen no hikidashi

Four drawers with Japanese masks inside, by Shigeru Akizuki

Aren’t these dolls and boxes fabulous?! They were all designed and illustrated by Japanese packaging designer Shigeru Akizuki.

I absolutely love objects with little compartments and drawers. And I’m especially fond of the dolls and box sets that feature the Japanese Daruma doll motif. I grew up with this familiar face. And it has a pretty rich history which includes Daruma, the Father of Zen Buddhism, and a Japanese tradition of good luck.

What I also find interesting is that the majority of these boxes and dolls were self-promotion pieces for the designer. Could you imagine having something as cool as one of these pieces to give out to clients?

Mary Maru