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Subway station sign in Times Square

Subway station on W42nd St off 8th Ave

10 Best Web Links This Week

• Better than anything else, I have consistently found that tracking my time while using a to do list boosts my productivity. If you want to try this online, Paymo is a terrific time-tracking tool that also helps you produce invoices.

• Write your own obituary and other great advice on goal setting and success from

• You’ll find tons of print, tv and web ads from around the world on Brands of the World. Great for inspiration and just plain fun to look at.

• It’s all about delivering quality presentations and being a good public speaker on Garr Reynold’s site Presentation Zen.

• Chanel’s new beauty web site has the coolest film animation. Watch.

Wallpaper has come a really long way since I was interested in textile design back in the ’80s.

• Grab a copy of this fabulous font editor, Glyphs, while it’s still in beta and free.

• Fabulously artistic iPhone 4 cases from Grove that are made from bamboo. If I had an iPhone, I’d definitely get one of these. Thanks for the link, Mary E.

• “Type designer Scott-Martin Kosofsky explains the creation of Le Bé, his new digitization of a beautiful 16th-century Hebrew typeface.” I wish I could have seen him speak at the TDC last week.

American Red Cross.

Regal Cinemas on W42nd St

Regal Cinemas on W42nd St in Times Square