Font Sales

by Aug 29, 2013Type Swipe


If you love typography as much as I do and you love a good sale, I highly recommend you sign up for newsletters from Linotype, and FontShop.


Delivered straight to your inbox, you’ll receive notices of hot sale items that, I have to warn you right now, sell out within what seems like minutes sometimes. Okay, I’m sure it doesn’t happen quite that fast. But when you receive one of these sale announcements and it says you have 24 hours to be one of the first 500 people to buy, don’t believe for a minute that you actually have that much time. I’ve been shut out of a few sweet offers advertised in the wee hours New York time and my fellow designers have snatched up every last copy before I’ve even rolled out of bed. I mean, really guys. Is that playing nice?


See you at the type shop, my friends, and may the quickest typophile win!

Mary Maru