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Buying New Computer Equipment

As someone who relies a lot on technology to get her job done I always have an eye out for new and improved peripherals and gadgets that can help me do my work more easily and quickly. Because time, after all, is money. And, I must admit, I also like a new toy now and then.

When making a purchase for new equipment (or software or peripherals, etc.), I like to make sure I’m buying the very best item to do the job I need to get done and that fits within my budget and small office space. And because the number of choices out there can be so overwhelming, I ask myself a bunch of questions before stepping into the store to avoid an unnecessarily expensive impulse buy which, I confess, I’ve made a couple of times. Anyway, maybe this will assist you with a future purchase. I hope this is helpful.

14+ Questions to Ask Before Buying New Computer Equipment

1. What task do I need help with and how will the new equipment help with this task?
2. What features do I need?
3. Do I need the top of the line model or will a lesser model get the job done?
4. What will I be working on a year from now? Will this equipment see me through that time?
5. How vital to my business is this equipment? If it breaks down, can I get the job done by other means that are easily accessible and affordable?
6. What kind of consumables does this equipment require? How often does it need this? How much does it cost?
7. Does the equipment work with my current computer setup, operating system and available power?
8. How big is the equipment? Where am I going to put it?
9. What’s my budget? What’s the price range for the quality I require?
10. Which three models of this equipment get the best reviews?
11. Who sells these three models? What are their prices? How do tax and shipping factor into the final price?
12. Who do I know that’s the most knowledgeable about this equipment and what do they have to say about it?
13. What do these three models look and feel like in person?
14. What does the sales person think about these models? Which ones sell the best? Which models get returned?

Have I left anything out?

Mary Maru