Hand-Crafted Designs Rooted in Marketing-Smart Strategy

Financial Services, Clean Solar Energy

SolFin Capital finances and oversees the development of community-scale, solar solutions that generate clean power in new residential developments. I designed their website.


Music Publicity

Chart Room Media is a publicity firm for rock-and-roll Hall of Famers. I directed their visual rebranding process from logo redesign to web redesign and set them up to DIY their own content edits and blog.

Museum Education, Arts

Vollmer Cultural Consultants curates and speaks at international arts exhibits and publishes scholarly books on Asian textiles. I designed a new website to support their new book release and sat down with them for 1:1 training on their blog.


Pet Health Media

PetCareTV is the #1 educational source for improving pet health awareness in veterinary offices across the country via its national television network. This website design project was all about bringing PetCareTV into its parent company brand while giving it its own unique identity.

Healthy Lifestyle

TotalSelf Counseling & Fitness had a tired, old website that had been worked on by different people over the years which made it a bit of a patchwork Frankenstein site with no sense of branding or distinct messaging around the client’s core service. We worked together to change all that.


Legal Services

Merrick Immigration Law helps international professionals looking for work visas and families navigate the complex process of U.S. Immigration. The firm wanted to create an informational brochure to share with non-competitive lawyers who might refer their clients.

Art Therapy

Amstutz Creative offers art classes and art-based counseling services in group and individual settings. The owner’s previous website was a DIY job—adequate for getting her business off the ground but not the professional look she craved to grow her business.

Case study coming soon!

Music Education

The Stecher and Horowitz Foundation helps young pianists from around the world achieve their personal and professional goals through career guidance, artistic development and performance opportunities in the NY Metro Area including their International Piano Competition.

Case study coming soon!

Music Education

Omega Ensemble is a music foundation that supports and presents the next generation of classical musicians by creating opportunities for them to perform. I have designed their performance calendar since 2015.

Case study coming soon!


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