Project Snapshot


Chart Room Media


Music Publicisit, Rock and Roll, Music Tech


Strategy, Web Design and Development, Creative Direction, Rebranding, Training, After-Care



Create a professional looking website for Chart Room Media that helps site visitors learn more about the business and provides journalists a convenient place to get all press assets. Make the new website easier for in-house staff to update the actively changing sections of the site.


A recrafted logo and new website that supports Chart Room Media as a smart, forward-thinking marketing firm that is on trend with current culture, media and music tech. Also a scalable content management system—WordPress—that’s easier for the team to make updates independently.

Desktop Views

Mobile Views

The Process

from left to right

  1. This quick hand-sketched wireframe gets ideas out quickly without the distraction of technology to slow things down. It’s also very easy to change direction at this stage because little commitment has been made to any individual design concept.
  2. The Mood Board (aka Style Tile) expresses the visual branding for the project, directing many design decisions efficiently because we’re not searching for solutions every time an issue comes up.
  3. The final website design showing one of the client’s many Current Projects.

Refreshed Logo


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