American Museum of Natural History

I can’t imagine there was anyplace in the city more crowded with people than the American Museum of Natural History this past Sunday. But, that’s where we…Anthony, my sister Janet, my nieces Jenna and Michelle and I…had decided to go. So we braved what had to be thousands of visitors to see our all-time favorites: the giant whale, African mammals, and dinosaurs.

When Anthony and I needed a break, we headed into the Rose Center. The space is so open, light and airy it offered a great escape just when we needed it most. I always feel like I’m on board the Starship Enterprise at the Rose Center. I wonder if that’s what the designers had in mind?

I’m really interested in seeing the Brain exhibit and plan to catch it before it ends on August 15, 2011. It’ll be on a weekday, of course.

xo Mary Maru