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Helen Levitt, American, 1913-2009.

Dorothea Lange, American, 1895-1965.

Ilse Bing, German, 1899-1998.

Barbara Morgan, American, 1900-1992.

Julia Margaret Cameron, British, 1815-1979.

What do you do when the only time you can visit MoMA is on Friday between 4-6pm when everyone gets in for free so you know the museum is going to be crazy crowded and your D-SLR konks out? Well, you make the best of it, of course! So I dug out my old point-and-shoot 2.0 megapixel camera and headed down to W53rd Street. And with a smile on my face and a bounce in my step enjoyed as much of the Pictures by Women: A History of Modern Photography exhibit as I could. I have to confess, many of my photos came out pretty awful. So I substituted with web images whenever I could.

Every couple of weeks, I try to spend an hour or two in one of my favorite places for visual inspiration and can’t wait to share my next museum visit with you! With any luck, my trusty Nikon D80 will be discharged from the camera doctor and I’ll be back in photo action again.

xo Mary Maru