The Indian, by Alvaro Giullot. From Buck House.

Best Web Links This Week

• Inspiring and interesting interview with artist, gallery owner, and designer Deborah Buck about entrepreneurial spirit and collaboration. Ms. Buck is the owner of Buck House on Madison Avenue and 93rd Street in NYC.

• Clients from hell! Freelance horror stories.

• A quick but thorough lesson on mixing typefaces from Ellen Lupton.

• Find out if that moisturizer you’re using is safe or toxic on Skin Deep’s cosmetic safety database. I was surprised to find items in the red zone that I’ve been using for years and thought were okay. Yikes!

• Want to know how to create a favicon for your web site or blog?…like I did with my little blue “M”? It’s really quite easy.

• Some pretty good tips for avoiding airline fees this holiday season.

• “Your designs don’t need to look exactly the same in every browser, they just need to look good in every browser.”

• Every morning when I get up I try to do a 30 minute Pilates-style workout. It definitely makes a difference and I can tell if I haven’t done it for a couple of days. Here’s how to develop a strong morning practice to start your day well.

• I devoured in practically one sitting David Airey’s Logo Design Love which I borrowed from the NY Public Library. So good I will be purchasing a copy to add to my own private library.

Hands, by Deborah Buck.

xo Mary Maru