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Tree with bark peeling, Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina

Dreaming about next summer. Design courtesy of Mother Nature. Blue Ridge Mountains, NC.

10 Best Web Links This Week

• If you like food the way I like food, you’ll want to check out Tasting Table — an online information source for…what else, food! Serving up “genuine editorial” daily.

• Photograph and collage your way to your best self ever in Alice Braga’s Bring Your Dreams Into Focus workshop. I’m doing the March session.

• Your web site is often the only chance you get to make an impression with a prospective client. Make that impression a positive one with web site copy that reads as beautifully as your site looks…Exacting English.

• Tonight I attended a rather interesting talk called The Rising Tide and Climate Change in Our Increasingly Urban World hosted by The CUNY Science Cafe. More talks like this are scheduled monthly.

• Great interior design and organizing ideas from EZArchitecture.

• You will not find a more beautifully designed or uniquely styled handbag than you will with Jack Blue.

• I love the helpful style tips I get from Dresszing every month suggesting what to do with the clothes I already have. What a fabulous concept!

• Art Director Donna Reiss shares some behind-the-scenes processes behind the recent redesign of Spa magazine.

• Interested in buying Ferris Bueller’s house?

• Backing up your system in a smart way is always a good idea. Antonio Carusone illustrates his thorough backup system to help make it easy for you to set yours up, too.

Mountains as far as the eye can see. Blue Ridge Mountains, NC

Blue Ridge Mountains, NC

Mary Maru