10 Best Web Links This Week

• Is there a mystery font in your life that you want to identify? Or do you simply want to freshen your font wardrobe? Well you can do both at WhatTheFont!

• Author and designer Debbie Millman interviews award-winning book jacket designer Chip Kidd on her podcast show Design Matters.

• Nine times out of 10 when I’m having an issue with my Mac it’s because something’s gone awry with my fonts. I’m often able to solve these problems with a little help from Kurt Lang in his article Font Management in OS X.

• I don’t quite know what to say about Things Organized Neatly except that looking at it makes me strangely happy.

• Firebug is a phenomenal tool from Mozilla Firefox that reveals the css code behind your favorite sites. Kristarella shows how to use Firebug in this informative step-by-step video tutorial.

• Jesse Zanziger created this super cool type video Refraction – The Alphabet.

The Power of One: With singles spending more than ever, why do so many marketers ignore them?

• I was surprised to find this week that my new blog was being hit by a comment spammer. The tool utrace helped me locate the culprit. And then I found out how to avoid this going forward on WordPress’ support blog.

Mount your iPad on the wall. Seems like a good idea to me.

• According to Ad Age, the marketing War on Christmas may be in its final days.

xo Mary Maru