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Kwoma ceiling at the MetKwoma ceiling at the Met – Galleries for Oceanic Art

Best Web Links This Week

• I have to admit I was blown away when I discovered you can create your very own custom designed postage stamps. Can’t wait until I have an excuse to use this!

• Barbara Taylor talks about using the 24-Burger Strategy as inspiration for running her small business.

• Want to see how fast your internet connection really is?

• Alice Braga is offering an online class beginning in February called Bring Your Dreams Into Focus with a Camera, Collages, and a Coach. Inspiring!

The Wilderness Downtown was voted best web site of 2010 by the FWA (Favorite Website Awards). I’m not sure I agree with their pick but it’s unquestionably a cool site.

• Pamela Pfiffner explains why spec work and crowdsourcing don’t pay off.

• I really like some of these small home office design ideas.

• 70 percent of U.S. recruiters have rejected candidates based on their online reputation. Yikes! How to Clean Up Your Online Reputation.

• Love my Patriot X-Mini USB drive.

• Shoot old-fashioned 8mm movies in real time.

I’m a Libra and I’m not switching.

Met Galleries for Oceanic ArtThe Met – Galleries for Oceanic Art

Happy birthday Martin Luther King Jr.

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