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Tomoko Suetake

Tomoko Suetake

Best Web Links This Week

• I love sneaking peeks into other people’s Moleskine notebooks. Especially when they belong to world-class creatives.

• Great design and decorating ideas for those of us living in smaller spaces at Apartment Therapy.

• Having a hard time remembering the Mac keyboard shortcuts for ®, ©, ™ and other special characters? Then you’ll find this chart really handy.

• Join the debate about Planely, a social networking service that matches you with a flight buddy. Good idea or just plain weird?

Best Logo Design Inspiration Galleries.

• Bringing fine art into cyberspace with 25 Examples of Watercolor Art in Web Design.

Paula Scher

Paula Scher

• There’s something elegant and sophisticated about letterpress type.

• The Geometry of Pasta offers a graphic take on an Italian classic.

25 Beautiful Blog Designs. I definitely bookmarked this one!

• Peter Shankman blogs about How to Get Paid What You’re Worth. Terrific advice in both the article and the comments that follow it.

• 20 artists and photographers answer the question: “What advice would you give to others?”

• If you can have everything in 57 varieties, making decisions becomes hard work! The Tyranny of Choice.

Toord Boontje

Toord Boontje

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