It's the little things headerPark Avenue and 56th Street

• All the fabulously nice, smart people I met at the NYEBN event last Wednesday.
Mick Jagger still rocking it on stage.
• Muse’s Grammy performance and phenomenal videography.
• Sasha’s version of the hampster dance.
• Will, Kate and Elise.
• Reconnecting with Donna at Levin.
• Janet driving us safely five hours to and from upstate this weekend.
• Muriel the bread baker and blueberry coffee cake maker.
• The 50 percent off coat sale at Searle.
• Heart-shaped donuts.
• Sleeping in my own cozy bed after being away for a couple of days.
• Anthony taking care of the grocery shopping.
• Drive-thrus.
• Looking forward to Milan.
• Heated hotel entryways on otherwise blustery NYC streets.
• Learning new things every day.
• My CycleOps bike trainer.
• Valentine’s Day.

Mary Maru