Looking west from Cabrini Blvd. at 190th St., NYC

I can’t wait for 2011 to get here. I know it’s going to be a fantastic year! And even though it’s just a few hours away and I’m super eager to jump over the line, I couldn’t let this last week of 2010 go by without expressing my gratitude for all the wonderful things that I experienced in the past seven days.

• Discovering the beautiful music of Ludovico Einaudi thanks to my wonderful and talented niece Jenna.

• The Christmas dinner my sister Janet made based on the limitations of my diet. That was so sweet!

Netflix movies online.

• Receiving blog encouragement from Alice Braga, creator of the delightful and always inspiring Rabbit Hole Report.

• Chinese takeout.

• Christmas day phone calls with family.

• The upcoming Year of the Rabbit. My year!

• Having the chance to share some tips with Mary E. on setting up her new blog. Can’t wait until you’re live!

• My weekly Pilates sessions.

• The portability of my super cool, new Kindle. Skeptic no more.

• Being home with Anthony and the kitties, safe and sound, for the drama of the snowstorm on Sunday complete with thunder, lightning and window rattling winds.

The day after: Ft. Tryon Park

The Heather Garden at Ft. Tryon Park

Happy New Year, everyone. And get ready for 2011…it’s going to be a fantastic year!!!

xo Mary Maru