Winding up an especially busy week and giving a little extra thought to the things I’m grateful for:

• The magical winter wonderland at Bryant Park. • My neighbor Rosemary who offered to share her pine branches so I could make a festive Christmas wreath. • Spending time with Donna and Daniel at their beautiful home in Scarsdale for dinner. • My mother-in-law’s sense of humor. • Knowing I can easily go back to my recently ignored diet. • Photo Tech for fixing what I thought was going to be a fatal error with my Nikon and doing it more quickly than I expected. • My friends and family on the other side of the world. • Online shopping and gift cards. • Skype. • The incredibly delicious pastries from Moscow on the Hudson, a Russian deli and bakery in my neighborhood. • A hot shower. • The unwavering support of family and friends who encourage me in everything I do. • Having Anthony, Dominic and Tina in my life who keep me company when I want it and leave me alone when I need it. • The brand new year ahead full of possibilities and limitless opportunities. • Smoked white fish salad on a toasted bagel. • The warm, happy memories I have of my parents whom I miss very much and think of even more this time of year.

Merry Christmas!

xo Mary Maru