It’s definitely Christmastime in New York! There’s no better place to be this time of year. It doesn’t matter how cold out it is…I find it impossible not catch the holiday spirit. I think the crowds of people I saw near the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center and walking up 5th Avenue would probably agree.

I am a huge fan of both Food Network and Travel Channel and found the cooking theme of Barneys’ holiday windows especially funny and entertaining. Love it!

Earlier in the day, after meeting with my lovely friend Joanna, I spotted a nice young lady wearing this rather fantastic hat. She was quite friendly and offered to pose for photos while she filled us in on the King Tut exhibit at Discovery. I so appreciate the kindness of strangers. It is just one of many things I’m loving this week. Here’s some more.

• Woodblock type in a store window selling shoes.

• The subway conductor who held the train for me as I clunked down the stairs in my clogs.

• How red my nose gets in the cold.

• Anthony texting me sweet messages at the end of every workday.

• That I’m going to get another season out of my still super warm Searle winter coat.

• Eating only half my cheeseburger and fries and feeling completely satisfied.

• Darnell, the nicest customer service person at TD Bank.

Pilot Precise V5 rollingball pens in black and blue.

• The incredibly supportive women in my life…Andrea, Mary, Charlotte and Joanna…who took the time to provide constructive criticism on my blog. Thank you!

• Spending the evening laughing with Joan.

• The New Year’s greeting card that came in the mail this week from my uncle Ken in Japan.

xo Mary Maru