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My Country, by Walangkura Napanangka

It’s been a really productive first week of the year. And while I didn’t get to cross off that many items from my new to do list for 2011, I did get to tick off a small handful of really big ones. So, needless to say, I feel like the year’s off to a fantastic start! I have a lot to be thankful for this week.

Source: Australian Traveler

• Finishing working on my 2011 goals! • Donna’s adorable new puppy Leo • An awesome seafood dinner on the Nautical Mile in Freeport • A seriously kick-butt Pilates session with Annette • The sanitation workers who removed tons more trash than normal this week • The soothing aroma from my tiny rosemary tree whenever I walk by • My old Blackberry Curve continuing to hang in there while I wait for an iPhone on VZW (please hurry!) • Chocolate milkshakes from EJ’s Luncheonette • Joan offering me a fantastic business idea that I’m really excited to implement • Updating my Circa planner for 2011 • Williams Sonoma handcrafted toffee • All the super nice people I met at the NYEBN event at Slate this week • Luis and Sylvestre trying so hard to unclog my backed up tub drain and me managing to remain stress-free about it • The cheerful pot of gerbera daisies sitting on my desk • Andrea helping me finish my bio • The free sample of Bremenn eye cream from Sephora • Feeling excited again about sticking to smoothies, juices and leafy greens after some serious holiday indulging • Marilyn offering me her brand spanking new Stuart Weitzman boots because they don’t fit her. If only my feet were smaller! • How delicious the food is at Bonobo’s vegetarian • Watching the snow out my window and listening to Philip Glass’s Itaipu while I work • African Autumn tea from Harney & Sons • Feeling super charged and positive about my goals for 2011!


Goanna, by Janet Long Nakamarra

Have a beautiful weekend, everyone!

xo Mary Maru