Fifth Avenue in Front of the Plaza, 1898Fifth Avenue in front of the Plaza, 1898. Source:

I read New York magazine fairly regularly and especially loved this week’s cover story “The Greatest New York Ever”. In it, various writers cover specific time periods during the history of this great city. It all begins in 1898 with the article, “When the City Came Together” by Phillip Lopate. Above is the photo that goes with that story.

Four women dressed up for the 1963 Puerto Rican Day ParadePuerto Rican Day Parade, 1963. Source:

This photo is from 1963, the year I was born. It accompanies the article “When We Never Knew What Was About to End” by Francine Prose. This style must have lasted for several years because I definitely remember women dressing like this. Though not so much with the big hair.

Photo of Times Square during New YearsTimes Square, New Years. Source:

This was my favorite article of all, “The Greatest Year 2011: Because We Never Rest” written by Michael Cunningham. He describes the present day with unapologetic appreciation for what we’ve got going on right now in New York City. I love this.

…New York has never been “so gender-bendy, po-mo, zero-pretension scrappy.” The New York I love, in this, the greatest of all moments, is shimmering and creating and thriving on shoestrings. You don’t necessarily have to be gender-bendy or scrappy to love it. You’ve just got to ferret out the wonders. And check your attitude at the door.

Thank you Mr. Cunningham.

Mary Maru