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Given how popular bike riding has become in NYC over the past few years I guess it shouldn’t be a big surprise that bike-related design and artwork are popping up in some rather unexpected places.

Take this postcard of gorgeous bicycle paintings by artist Taliah Lempert for example. When walking around the loop in Central Park one day last summer, I couldn’t help but notice this postcard laying in my path. Even from a distance I could tell the work was spectacular and felt like serendipity had made a special visit to me that day. Tattered edges and a scraped up back didn’t stop me from keeping this gem in sight for several weeks by my desk. You can just tell this artist really loves her bikes.

And then there’s this really cute bag with amazing bicycle design. More than nine months after that initial find, while waiting for Anthony to get his coffee bean order at the Porto Rico shop on Bleecker St in the West Village, I was instantly smitten with this recycled bag with fun bicycle illustrations. I was so sure that day that the artist must have been the same person from the postcard. But once I got the two pieces together, knew they were quite a different style. These drawings are by Scottish illustrator Christine Berrie.

Visit both artist’s websites to see more of their fantastic work and things for sale. Happy cycling!

Mary Maru