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Red Rock CanyonThe red of Red Rock Canyon is Aztec sandstone

Close up showing detail of Red Rock CanyonRed Rock Canyon detail; see the man standing above/right of the lower left hand corner?

Mountain Prickly Pear CactusMountain prickly pear cacti

Joshua Tree in Red Rock CanyonJoshua trees

Leafless tree and underbrush at Red Rock CanyonBlackbrush in foreground; tree species?

Yucca plant at Red Rock CanyonYucca

Red Rock Canyon and hiking trail

Red Rock; hiking trail

Red Rock Canyon
Red Rock Canyon
The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area sign

After two full days of casino life, it was time to get out of town. So Anthony and I rented a car to explore whatever was within a reasonable driving distance from Las Vegas. We found quiet refuge at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area which is part of the Mojave Desert. Wow, what a difference a few miles make!

Hiking trails, flora and fauna and the most incredible geology. We were fortunate to visit on a beautiful, mostly sunny day with temperatures in the low 60s. Aaaah, so nice.

Mary Maru