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Six Girls Seeking Shelter: Russian movie poster

Six Girls Seeking Shelter, by Georgii & Vladimir Stenberg, 1928

The Last Flight: Russian movie poster

The Last Flight, by Georgii & Vladimir Stenberg, 1929

Old Number 99: Russian movie poster

Old Number 99, by the Stenberg Brothers, 1929

Robin Hood: Russian movie poster

Robin Hood, by Georgii & Vladimir Stenberg, 1925

Fragment of an Empire, Russian movie poster

Fragment of an Empire, by the Stenbergs, 1929

Eleven Devils, Russian movie poster

Eleven Devils, by Georgii & Vladimir Stenberg, 1929

Don Q, Son of Zorro, Russian movie poster

Don Q, Son of Zorro, by Georgii & Vladimir Stenberg, 1929

A Screw from Another Machine, Russian movie poster

A Screw from Another Machine, by the Stenberg Brothers, 1926

A Cup of Tea, Russian movie poster

A Cup of Tea, by Georgii & Vladimir Stenberg, 1927

Windstorm, Russian movie poster

Windstorm, by Nikolai Prusakov and Grigori Borisov, 1927

Strange Woman, Russian movie poster

Strange Woman, by Nikolai Prusakov, 1929

Strength and Beauty, Russian movie poster

Strength and Beauty, by Yakov Rukhlevsky, 1927

State Functionary, Russian movie poster

State Functionary, by E. Kerdish, 1930


I couldn’t believe my good fortune when during a research session at the Mid-Manhattan Library’s Picture Collection I ran across these lovely examples of Russian movie posters from the 1920s. I was so drawn to the bold colors, images and typography that I had to grab a few samples.

Most were designed by brothers Georgii & Vladimir Stenberg who went to school in Moscow and worked closely together as Constructivist sculptors, theater designers, architects, and poster designers among other things.

Mary Maru