I was recently flipping through New York Spaces magazine when my attention was grabbed by this black and white image. The sleek design. The graphic faces. The shine! There was something alive about these pieces. At first, I wasn’t sure if this was a designer leotard or a hyper-stylized mannequin. So when I learned that it was mosaic art…a sculpture to be exact…I was quite surprised. After all, I’d never seen anything quite like this before. Have you? A gallery out of Ravenna, Italy called SICIS produces these unique, life-sized gems.

Mosaic based on a painting by Tiziano Vecellio. From SICIS.

Pinocchione by Jaime Hayon. From Bisazza.com.

Cave Canem or Beware of Dog. Pompeii, 1st-Century AD.

xo Mary Maru