There are so many wonderful day spas out there promising to pamper, polish and renew you. What sets them apart from each other is the overall experience you have. Do you feel relaxed, pampered and taken care of by the time you’re ready to leave? Does the property feel luxurious and is it spotlessly clean?

When I started working on this project, I had to consider all the things that made Nirvana Day Spa different. I wanted to create a piece that would appeal to busy professional women who want and need an hour or more of me time in an atmosphere that is calm and soothing.

To begin, I decided to go with a booklet format to convey a sense of luxury. By leaving a lot of white space the layout has plenty of breathing room while also adding an element of importance to the copy. I applied a muted duo-tone color palette to the images to create a sense of tranquility and calm. And chose a simple, thin, sans-serif font to compliment the simplicity of the images.

Quantity pricing I kept all in one place in the back of the booklet so clients have the information at their fingertips making it easy to choose the best packages for their schedule and budget. The price list can also be printed as a separate one-sheet for easy updating and to help keep printing costs down.

I really enjoyed working on this piece. And it’s a great reminder that I’m well overdue for a soothing hot stone massage and rejuvenating facial.

xo Mary Maru