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Computer Arts February 2011 cover

Computer Arts February 2011 issue

Computer Arts CD insert

Computer Arts bonus CD insert

Computer Arts selection from Creative Professionals handbook outsert

Selection from The Incredibly Useful Book for Creative Professionals that came shrink-wrapped with Computer Arts magazine

Sarah King

by Sarah King (click image for web site)

Sarah King

by Sarah King (click image for web site)

Paul Farrell

by Paul Farrell (click image for web site)

Ragnar Freyr

by Ragnar Freyr (click image for web site)

Every few weeks I spend some time in Barnes & Noble or Borders (RIP Borders) flipping through graphic design magazines looking for the perfect one. They’re quite expensive so I try to choose carefully…selecting the issue I think I’ll turn to for inspiration again and again.

This month I purchased the February issue of Computer Arts magazine and must tell you, I’m definitely not disappointed. The editorial content and images are rich and inspiring with profiles of designers, a look at a design studio, tips on self-promotion and technical how-tos. The issue came wrapped with a CD packed full of design and illustration portfolios and other bonuses. Plus a smaller handbook with step-by-step tips for Adobe Creative Suite programs and quick articles on managing your freelance business and some design wisdom thrown in among other helpful topics. Terrific web site, too.

Mary Maru