Commissioned art and plain old NYC graffiti captured earlier this year while walking around the East Village and Alphabet City.

Four graffiti artists: Joyce Pensato, Nick 1, Vizie and Shinique Smith produced the first installment of this joint project between the Art Production Fund and Cooper Square Hotel. It used to be visible from 5th Street on the side of the hotel but you can’t see this mural any longer…it’s been covered over by the second installation of the project. I’ll have to get myself down to Cooper Square with my camera mo’ ricky tick to capture the newer work before it gets painted over, too.

Also within close proximity to the Cooper Square Hotel was this random piece of work. Or so I thought until I saw the exact same image a couple of months later just south of Houston. I absolutely love the Russian Constructivist feel of this piece.

How’d they do this? Gives me vertigo just thinking about it.

Just off Avenue A.

xo Mary Maru