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Donna and I had a pretty spectacular afternoon recently enjoying the west side of Chelsea. After a sumptuous lunch at Morimoto and a stroll down the newly opened section of the High Line, we climbed down to W26th Street to check out some galleries. Here’s a very quick peek inside the Caelum…just one of several venues we visited that day.


The Caelum features mostly contemporary works by young talented Japanese artists. We were both especially taken by these light as air dresses that flowed with the warm summer breeze drifting in from the window. I’m pretty sure this one was made of plastic…the kind that’s typically used to make shopping bags.


Like the dresses in the same display, this purse appeared to be made from some featherweight material…paper doilies, I’m guessing…that allowed it to move freely in the breeze.


And then there was the shock and humor of these happy and mean dogs. Down Fido!

As someone who often visits the major art museums in New York City, the galleries offered a welcome change of pace. All fairly small, easy to navigate. And quiet enough to take your time and linger or speed right through if you wanted to. I can’t wait to spend more time exploring the art gallery scene around town.

Mary Maru