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It’s not often that I find myself on the very western end of W23rd Street. But these days, that’s a fabulous place to be. Walking on the south side of the street and looking up at the scaffolding I was treated to a dozen or so beautiful works of art by a variety of emerging artists. Each panel of scaffolding replaced by a creative work. I felt like I was in my own private outdoor gallery.

ArtBridge, a non-profit public arts organization in Chelsea, is responsible for making this incredible idea a reality. Wouldn’t it be nice if more scaffolding and construction site barriers looked like this? And, if you’re an artist and want to get in on the action, ArtBridge has a call for entries to those who’d like to see their work displayed at a future site.

Also on the far western end of W23rd Street is the newly opened Doughnut Plant located in the Chelsea Hotel. It’s definitely worth a visit if you’re in the neighborhood. And if you’re ever down on Grand Street, visiting the original is an absolute must for a greater variety of flavors and shapes.

Mary Maru

PS: I have tons to share. Just been a little busy. But stay tuned. More coming soon!