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The Sheep Meadow, Central Park. iPhone pic

If you’ve spent any time in NYC over the past couple of weeks, I don’t have to tell you how incredibly gorgeous it’s been. And I’m happy to say I’ve been taking full advantage…strolling around town with friends to visit favorite places and discovering new ones along the way.

The Cube

The Cube, Astor Place. iPhone pic

Meeting Anthony at the ‘Alamo’. I’ve been calling this The Black Cube since the first time I took it for a spin with friends in the 1970s. But the name of this rotating 15′ painted steel cube is ‘Alamo’ and has the distinction of being the first permanent contemporary outdoor sculpture installed in New York City. Tony Rosenthal created it in 1967.


New York by Gehry, 8 Spruce St. iPhone pic

The tallest residential building in the US is this 76-story, rippled stainless steel skyscraper designed by Frank Gehry at 8 Spruce Street in downtown Manhattan. Magnificent!


New York Stock Exchange. iPhone pic

I don’t care if you’re left, right, center or somewhere in between. The Wall Street area is still an awesome place to take a stroll. You can feel electricity in the air.


Me and my new red friend. iPhone pic by Joan

Just before crossing the street to Battery Park was this rather handsome fellow masquerading as a gas mask faced standpipe. It looked so lifelike I had to go over and introduce myself. Thanks to Joan for capturing the moment.

Mary Maru