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Walking through Madison Square Park on Friday and stepping through puddles from a recent rainstorm I was admiring how beautifully green and lush the grass, trees and plants were when this massive white head came into view. I didn’t even need to see the serene expression of the sculpted face or the odd sense of realism to fall madly in love with it. Although those elements certainly added to my fondness for the piece.

There through August 14th, the sculpture is called Echo and is the public art debut of Spanish artist Jaume Plensa. It’s a towering presence at forty four feet tall and stands in the center of the park on the Oval Lawn…you can’t miss it. And I highly suggest you don’t. While you’re there you can grab a burger and fries from my favorite outdoor joint…Shake Shack. Or if meat’s not your thing, just steps away on 23rd Street, Bonobos serves up excellent vegan dishes you can carry out and enjoy in the park.

Mary Maru

PS: Photos were taken with my old Blackberry.