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Even though it was kind of dark and dreary all day, I really wanted to get out for a quick walk and thought I’d go check out the piano in Ft. Tryon Park. It’s there as part of the Sing for Hope Pop Up Pianos event that’s going on in NYC right now and will be there for another week or so.

Of course I should have realized with the on-and-off rain all day that the piano would be covered up. So I made a mental note to come back for a visit on another day and took a stroll in the park to check out what was going on with the flora instead.

Never a disappointment, the park…just after a rainstorm…smells beautifully fresh. And I practically had the place to myself. There are wide open views of the Hudson River and George Washington Bridge. And, of course, the walking paths that take you through the flower garden.

I was happy to see the flowers held up remarkably well. And I can’t wait to go back when the piano is out from under wraps. BTW, the piano is located at the park entrance on Margaret Corbin Circle…just at the end of Ft. Washington Avenue.

I particularly love Ft. Tryon Park on days like today when it’s especially quiet and peaceful. Though I have to say, if you’re used to the hustle and bustle of Manhattan proper, the park is going to seem rather tranquil no matter what. It’s easy to get to if you take the A train up to 190th Street. And while you’re up here, after strolling through the gardens and maybe grabbing lunch at the New Leaf Café, you can spend an hour or so visiting the absolutely wonderful Cloisters Museum.

Mary Maru

PS: All photos for this post taken with my new super cool white iPhone 4. Sorry, Blackberry, but I don’t miss you at all.