Found Art on E6th St NYC

by Jul 10, 2014Around Town

Seems like there’s always something new to see whenever I find myself downtown.

I’m guessing there’s a story behind the artwork on this vacant building on E6th Street in Alphabet City. But I’m sorry to say I’m not going to be the one who tells it to you. This was a purely random encounter—found art—that I stumbled upon when visiting my favorite vegan ice cream shop downtown.

E6th Street - the bean mural

So dark and yet so inviting at the same time. Upon closer inspection I saw that someone had painted on canvas and then glued it to the front of this building. Unfortunately, there was no artist’s signature on any of the panels.

Medusa? I knew I should have taken that class in Greek mythology.

Just across the street on the other side of Avenue A was this super cool mural. I wish I’d gotten a better shot…note to self: get a better quality walking around camera. Anyway, I think what I like the best is the juxtaposition of the fire escape steps to the downward slope of the painted rooftops. Overall, I just love the way the muralist took on this canvas of wall with windows and fire escape and made it work really well. Kudos!

If I learn who the artists are for these works I’ll certainly add the proper credits. In the meantime, if you’re downtown, you can check these out for yourself at E6th between Avenues A and B.