I had several errands to take care of today in the Columbus Circle area which is one of my favorite parts of town. My first stop was to pick up a handful of postcards I did for 5th Avenue Digital. Their office is in a historic landmark building on W57th Street just a few steps down the block from Carnegie Hall. Beth was there and was of course as nice as can be. I love working with those guys.

Next I had to pick up Christmas cards so stopped at Lee’s Art Shop which is one of my favorite places on the planet. They always offer a great selection of cards, notebooks, pens, art supplies, portfolios…all the stuff I love. This time of year, the entryway sparkles with twinkling ornaments and elaborate decorations hanging from everywhere and everything. It’s incredibly festive.

A stop at the bank to open a new account took a little longer than I expected. Though Darnell the customer service person who helped me was incredibly nice. After all this serious business I was feeling a bit peckish. So off I went to Grom for a quick pit stop and a small, tasty nocciola gelato. Is there any flavor more delicious than hazelnut?

A quick trip to the Gap for a new pair of jeans. They were having a buy one get one for 50 percent off sale today which I didn’t know about. So I picked up a couple of desperately needed sweaters. I have no idea what I wore last winter because it appears I have absolutely nothing to wear this year. Seriously, I have maybe two sweaters besides the ones I bought today. I think the sweater gremlins must have invaded my closet last summer.

Time Warner Center

Popped my head into Wolford of Austria to check out the uber chic tights everyone’s raving about these days. The garments in the sparsely stocked store have a definite look…form-fitting and teeny tiny. And lots of bodysuits which I haven’t seen much of since the 1980s. I’m going to have to stop treating myself to Grom if I’m ever going to fit into something like this. But I think I love Grom too much.

No trip to the Time Warner Center would be complete without popping my head into Stuart Weitzman. If I could wear heels, I’d be in these every day for sure. But, alas, my funny feet were never meant to walk in these kind of shoes. Fortunately for me, they carry cute flats and clogs which I try to grab up whenever they go on sale. I just have to keep the lights and heat off in the apartment for a few months.

These are more my speed. Tina, of course, has to inspect everything that lands on the floor.

Anthony texted that he would pick me up. So we met at Time Warner and then headed up to 5 Napkin Burger on the Upper West Side to satisfy the meat craving I’d been having all day. I try not to do it very often but sometimes a girl’s just got to have a juicy cheeseburger and fries to make things right. But don’t worry, I’m back to my kale, pineapple and coconut water smoothies today. Yummy. No, really.

xo Mary Maru