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Chelsea Garden, 11th Avenue

Instead of our usual weekend Central Park walk, Anthony and I decided to stretch our legs off the beaten path. So we headed over to eleventh avenue in the 50s and started heading south. I have to tell you, except for the occasional car dealership or repair shop, it’s vacant lots and the Javits Center. So imagine my excitement when I saw this oasis of greenery with fantasy beach backdrop.


citibike rental stand, Javits Center, 11th Avenue

We talked to a guy who was just returning his rented citibike. He said the bike itself kind of sucked and that there were a lot of kinks still needing to be ironed out—like credit card payments not yet being accepted at kiosks and the little key fob being a potential problem when it inevitably gets lost. But, overall, he said his inaugural ride was a success. Can’t wait until June 2nd when us non-annual members can take a shiny new blue bike out for a 30-minute spin.

Okay, so the Highline isn’t exactly off the beaten path anymore. However, we had fun exploring the newest section, climbing aboard at 30th Street and 10th Avenue, and seeing lots of pretty landscaping and new architecture as we continued to head south.

Faces, faces and more faces. I remember doing pen and ink drawings when I was in art school a million years ago. With pen down on paper and eyes looking up at the subject, we’d draw one continuous line without lifting the pen and without looking down (much) at the paper. The results were a little wild and very fantastic. These faces remind me a lot of that approach even though it’s not one continuous line.

After leaving the Highline at 23rd Street to have a few sliders at The Meatball Shop, we made our way to Greenwich Street and didn’t waver until we got all the way downtown. This old red truck was a sweet surprise.

Uh, not sure what this was all about. But you can read about the history of this building and see some cool old photos of it here. At Greenwich and Canal.

Note to self: must make trip back to get another look at these murals. Photo taken from Greenwich somewhere around Laight Street.

Ah, the mighty and magnificent World Trade Center. Looks almost finished and quite impressive.

Mary Maru